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MoveOn In Court To Challenge Trademark Cease-and-Desist Order

Naomi Gillens, Chilling Effects Staff, April 01, 2014
Abstract: Advocacy group is in court defending its use of Louisiana's tourism logo and motto in this billboard criticizing Governor Bobby Jindal's decision not to expand Medicaid.

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Turkish Twitter Controversy - Two New Documents

Chilling Effects Staff, March 26, 2014
Abstract: For those of you who are following the ongoing controversy surrounding Twitter in Turkey, Chilling Effects is pleased to be able to host two new documents recently received by Twitter from various aspects of Turkish law enforcement and government.

You can find the documents here and here

Twitter's blog post on the subject is here

[Update 2013-03-26] A Turkish court has issued a temporary injunction on Wednesday ordering access to Twitter restored until it can deliver its full verdict on the ban.

Nuking a Facebook Page on Bogus Copyright Grounds is Easy [via TorrentFreak]

Andy, TorrentFreak, March 24, 2014
Abstract: "Sending a DMCA complaint to any site is relatively simple, but how easy is it for a giant such as Facebook to be tricked by an imposter into taking a whole page down? According to both victims and perpetrators, it's very easy indeed."

Needless to say, Chilling Effects is interested in providing the raw matierials to examine takedown abuse in the aggregate.


Record Label Reaches Settlement With Lessig; Promises To Revamp Abusive DMCA Takedown Poli

Naomi Gilens, Chilling Effects Staff, March 03, 2014
Abstract: Last week, Lawrence Lessig reached a settlement agreement in his lawsuit against Australian record label Liberation Music over the label's wrongful removal of content Lessig posted to YouTube. The settlement is a victory for fair use advocates, and underscores the need for DMCA reform.


Researches Using Chilling Effects Data Seek Survey Participants

Chilling Effects Team, February 14, 2014
Abstract: Professors Jennifer Urban and Joe Karaganis, along with a team of researchers, are conducting research on notice and takedown using the Chilling Effects database, and are looking for representatives of Online service providers responsible for takedowns to take a short (15") survey.
The survey is part of a larger project on notice and takedown led by researchers at Columbia University and UC Berkeley.

Their request and a link to the survey are below the jump.


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