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Legal Complaint to Google

May 19, 2014


Sender Information:
Collins and Bone
Sent by:
Collins and Bone

Recipient Information:

Google, Inc.

Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA

Sent via: online form: Other
Re: Infringement Notification via Bloggerurl_box3: http://collins-bone-investors.blogspo

Google Form: Report other legal removal issue

Name: [redacted]
Company name: Collins and Bone
If applicable, include the name of the company or organization whose legal rights you represent (e.g. if you are legal agent, etc.)

Allegedly Infringing URLs
Allegedy Infringing Material

Please explain in detail why you believe the content on the above URLs is unlawful, citing specific provisions of law wherever possible. *

legalother_quote_commonwealth: "Well, here he is again at noon on this very
day, even as we write this post, doing his antics . . .
. . . their savings."

Extract above taken from recent blog post. "Raking in the money" refers to
a negative conotation of what I am doing and I can confirm as a street
entertainer I most certainly am not raking in the money. "Rotten
background" I come from a very good background and do not want this term
used to describe me. I made some bad mistakes in business but I have never
been a con man and do not have a rotten background I also make no attempt
to conceal my past. They use the word "Conned" which again is entirely

The entire article below that on [redacted] benefitting from assets is
entirely void of facts. [redacted]'s wife owns 2 out of three of the houses
and one house brings in no money as it is empty and in fact costs money and
the other loses money monthly as the mortgage company have put their
interest rates up. There is no benefit two of these houses and they have
nothing to do with the collins and bone partnership. It is private
information being turned into libelous claims.

These women both have carers and are mentally unstable. They have created
an entire blog about me. I was made bankrupt in 2012. In May 2013 I was
released from Bankruptcy. Now they hound my every move, harass and bully me
and I will nto stand for it for myself of my family. I have lost all of my
possessions my home and am now dancing on the streets to earn a living. it
is about time Google looked into this.

The content they have is so long and so libelous throughout the entire site
it needs to come down as it serves no purpose to the public. They claim
they are helping an ongoing investigation but the truth is there is no
investigation. I went bankrupt lost everything. Investor who invested with
me lost money and that's it. The site is now purely set up to bully and

Liam Collins

In order to ensure specificity, please quote the exact text from each URL above that you believe infringes on your rights. If the allegedly infringing content is a picture or video, please provide a detailed description of the picture/video in question so that we may locate it on the URL in question. *

I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that I am authorized to report this alleged violation.

Signed on this date of
Signature [redacted]


At times, search engines remove different results from country-specific searches.

You may want to compare searches across national domains.


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