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Notice from MDI

June 12, 2013


Sender Information:
MDI / Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Interne
Sent by:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Recipient Information:


San Francisco, CA, 94107, USA

Sent via:

[CHILLING EFFECTS: Twitter removed the content below in the Netherlands]

Dear mister / madam,

I write you on behalf of the Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination
on the Internet.

The Dutch public can file a complaint at the Complaints Bureau if they
encounter hateful or discriminatory content on the 'Dutch part' of
Internet. The Complaints Bureau then locates the content and tests it
against Dutch non-discrimination legislation. If the content is on the
'Dutch part' of the Internet and is in violation with Dutch law, we send
a request for removal of the illegal content.

We recently received a complaint about 4 Tweets of one of your Dutch
Twitter users, the user @DrinkBeerNoJews. Below you will find the
Tweets, with an English translation.


Text: Ik haat joden, jij haat joden, wij haten joden, het liefste zouden
we ze allemaal doden!

Translation: I hate jews, you hate jews, we hate jews, the one thing
we'd love most is to kill them all!


Text: Mijn vader zat bij de gestapo mijn opa zat bij de SS en samen
verbrandden zij joden, want joden die branden het best!!

Translation: My father was part of the gestappo, mij grandma was member
of the SS and together they burned jews, because jews burn the best!


Text: Er was eens een jood, die reed door rood, hij veroorzaakte een
botsing en was dood, de blijdschap was groot.
Translation: Once there was a jew who drove through the red light sign
and caused and accident and died, the joy was great.


Text: Heb je ook zo'n hekel aan 020 schop ze op de neuzen ja zo hard als
je maak kan want het leven duurt maar even alle joden aan het gasss
Translation: Do you also hate 020 (Amsterdam people), kick them on their
noses as hard as you can because life's short, all jews to the gass

This kind of hate speech is not allowed in the Dutch Penal Code and is
also in violation with Twitter's rules on 'Content Boundaries':

*Unlawful Use: You may not use our service for any unlawful purposes or
for promotion of illegal activities. International users agree to comply
with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content.

I therefore request the removal of the mentioned tweets above and ask
you to send a serious request to the user to stop the violation of
Twitter's' rules.

For more information about the Complaints Bureau:

Kind regards,

Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet
Complaints Bureau for Discrimination
on the Internet
Amsterdam - The Netherlands


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You may want to compare searches across national domains.


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